High Quality Services

Eminence, meaning to stand above in quality and position do just that. Our servers hosted in Sydneys finest datacenter on top of the range hardware enables you to play on only the best quality servers. To top this off, your servers are setup by highly capable technicians that have been in the business for over seven years.

The best support on the web

We understand that your services rented with us have the need and expectation to be online around the clock! Our online ticketing system not only places you in a high priority queue, but will also email all our experienced staff so that they can assist you as swiftly as possible.

Welcome to our site

Welcome to the new website for Eminence Gaming. Eminence Gaming strives to be the One-Stop-Shop were all your gaming needs can be met, playing online with your favourite games and friends or renting a gaming server for private use. Eminence Gaming will provide all services to the General Public and Gaming Company's who wish to promote themselves.

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Why Us ?

  • Tired of waiting for your game hosting order to process? Wait no more - buy, pay and get your game server online within minutes!
  • Need Assistance? Our live chat agents will be happy to help you at any time.
  • Multiple payment options. You can use anyone of the major credit cards, pay using your bank account via Bank Transfer, or even PayPal. Once you have an account established, we also give you the option to share future payments with your clan members via our ClanPay feature. Using ClanPay, you will get your own page at Eminence Gaming which your clan members can visit and make direct donations to your account.

Happy Customers

  • Having worked with AusNet on a number of occasions for various competitions, I can confidently say they provide rock solid servers, relays and hosting along with excellent customer service.

    Joel, www.gigabyte-esc.com
  • A tremendous success. It is like walking on sunshine compared to its competitors.

  • I have had personal experience with many GSP's in the past, but to be honest it is as clear as day to say that AusNet are simply the best Australia has to offer. AusNet Servers provide an easy-to-use, high quality service at great prices. With the ease of use, great customer support and high performance, I would recommend AusNet Servers to anyone looking for a reputable hosting solution within Australia.

    Stephen Mills
  • After using multiple other Server Providers and experiencing either poor performance or poor customer service, ArchaicMSI eSports has been very happy with our move to AusNetServers. As a result, we've moved all of our hosting requirements to AusNet! Thanks for the service guys

    Craig Warren, www.archaic-esports.com
  • Eminence Gaming would most definitely be my first and only choice for providing my team with quality match servers. Not only are the servers the best that I've ever played on, but they offer the quickest support that I have ever come across. That means that when there is an issue, Eminence Staff are only a single ticket away from a quick resolve. This was important to me as it meant my team could focus more on practice and the things that matter, and less about server maintainence.

    Julian "JoolzCheat" Griffin, www.teamx7.net
  • I joined Eminence Gaming because they had the best appealing server for me although I am only new to this whole thing I have not had one bad thing to say about them. I have written quite a few tickets to which I required help in many forms and they have always either set it up for me or showed me in steps how to do the task, they are a very good company with great servers (I play wars with a lot of ppl and no one complains about the rego). I will continue with Eminence Gaming as long as I can as they are once again a great site with great servers.

    Robert Calis